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Gorefiend Best Server is guild on the Gorefiend Server thats main fosus is its 20 man Mythic raiding team. Although raiding is the main focus we also have our fair share of PVP and casual players and welcome all players. We are seeking individuals of any level and class! Check the forums for more detail on guild activity and if you have any questions please feel free to post on this site or reach out to members in game. 

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GBS Is Done Raiding - Thank You!

by KarlShaLaMon, 384 days ago

My fellow raiders,

- This is extremely important to me so please read through and FOCUS, even though it is painfully long....thats what she said. 

Over 4 years ago after being away from this game for years one of my best friends, Twan, told me that he wanted to try and play WOW again. The agreement was that we would pick up the game, try the new Panda / Monk combo, and just level until max and hope for something better to do by the time we got bored with it. We got to level 12 and called it a night. It only took a few weeks before Twan, Dan, and myself were maxed out looking to re-enter the end game. The agreement we had was that we didn’t want to reach a point of raiding again where the week in and week out of raiding felt like a job, much like it was when we decided to quit the first time around. Twan and Dan, being the lazy POS that they are, defaulted to their lazy tendencies and said that if we were going to do it, I was going to have to be the one to build the raid from the ground up. I of course agreed to it, and that was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. My LIFE. 

We started with Interior Guard. For those of you who are familiar to Gorefiend you probably have no clue who that is, and for good reason. We started with 8 raiders raiding Mogu Vaults, which was at the time a raid that was 3 raids/tiers old. Outside of us 3, the other 5 had Zero raiding experience outside of LFR and the results that we pulled were what you would expect for an 8 man raiding team with no raiding experience. It was extremely painful but the people who were raiding with us were willing and eager to learn. For us it was fine since we were doing it to “See content”. I knew that we needed to grow and grow with talent so I taxed Twan and Dan to reach out to our old raiding friends from years back to see if we could drum up some interest in building from the ground up. In comes Perk.

Perk was closer to an acquaintance then a friend back in the days of Wrath so I was shocked to find out from Dan that he was willing to hear my recruiting sales pitch for our undermanned, under geared, under talent raid. With that being said I knew he was a good player and I knew that if I could bring him over we could begin to build to something that was at least current.  So Perk and I talked, and we talked for a while. I gave him the same pitch that every single one of you have gotten from me in some way/shape/form in the past 4 years. It was all about the people. Building a raid team that was focused on people over talent, fun over drama, execution over time. I vividly remember Perk making all kinds of demands on what he would require for him to xfer, some of which broke that model and I stuck to my guns. I remember telling Dan afterwards that there is no way that this kid is going to pay to come to a dead server to raid with us when we have nothing to offer other than an idea. To my surprise within a week Perk was on our raid team and off we went. This acquaintance, that I now call my friend, was one of the biggest foundations to our team for many reasons and without him taking that leap of faith I am not sure that we would have gotten as far as we have gotten today. 

We would raid Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 8-11 as we do today and we would pug the 10th for our group. To give you an idea logs would probably show that Perk and Twan (tanking) made up about 60%-75% of our damage in a 10 man raid. Something that Twan will never admit but some of the new raiders that we started with were beginning to get better, some not. But overall as a group we began to knock down content in normal and decided that we wanted to push into TOT right after it launched. This is where we came across Purple Lotus, the next big leap we took towards our current state. 

At the time PL was looking to rebuild their raid team because of a falling out with a certain group of individuals :) that left them without a legitimate roster.  The deal we struck was that PL would consume IG and I would run the raid as their raid leader. I saw it as an opportunity to a larger recruiting pool without losing control of my raid so we took the deal and off we went. This story has been told by me 100 times so I will not go too much into detail but basically the PL leadership either disappeared or raged at my methods leaving me and Cherish to run the guild. That is the unimportant part of the story. What matters is that during this time I found people like: Elmy, Tri, ABT, Tiala, Death, Hex, Don’t, Jimbawa, to name a few and we were off. The raid that started as an 8 man joke quickly turned into a 10 man raid of 13 raiders that not only enjoyed raiding and hanging out together, but also killed bosses at a good rate. Getting the ahead of the curve cheese for that tier before the nerf was awesome and one of my proudest accomplishments in WOW. It didn’t come easy. Getting to that raid of 13 took a lot of trial and error in personal that understood what we were trying to do and truly valued the PEOPLE and the group more than themselves all while maintaining performance. We would debate this on a regular basis as everyone’s natural instinct was to be more demanding and raise the level of expectation. We would periodically land on a balance of performance and people and it is something that some will not openly admit to this day but I fully believe what drove our success. 

Then Blizzard dropped the bomb on us. We finally had a groove and a team that I can trust and progress with. It was at this point that Mythic for the next xpack would be fixed at 20 people was announced. Looking back it was a very fragile point in our history. We talked about calling it quits as people could not imagine that our 10 man raid team that took so much work and time to build could double in a essentially 2 months. In the end we didn’t want our run to end, and even though there people were skeptical of my plan to double and maintain in a short time frame they put their faith in me and again off we went.  We comprised a launch roster of about 29 people. This was the first time in my return that we didn’t have control of the raid as more than half of the population was new to PL and our way of thinking and execution. As the xpack progressed we naturally trimmed down to a dangerous level and progression was far behind where we wanted it to be. We didn’t have the numbers, the culture was wrong, and we were running out of time. Enter Ashes. 

When Ashes stopped raiding we started with pulling a few of their core that was looking to maintain their raiding status. By the end of BRF we had joined forces with the majority of the old Ashes crew, including their leader Six. That combined with good finds in people that joined from random recruitment we had a raid team set to take on HFC as Gorefiend Best Server. We killed Archi ahead of the curve, and with Legion around the corner we took a break with the idea of resetting for the next chapter. 

That brings us to today. Today we sit with a raid of about 26 raiders. We currently have hit the wall known as Krosos. Good news is that 7.2 just dropped and that should provide us with the nerf we need to bust through this raid and get back on track. The bad news is that as I write this I am under the assumption that the vote that I had called today to keep pushing or to hang em up went the way I have been dreading for years. What most of you don’t know is that at all iterations of our story we have been at this cross roads a number of times, and every time before when I ask if people are still willing and committed to put in the work and effort the answer was yes. I know that today that answer is no. 

For the past few days I have been struggling with the reality that this was actually finally going to happen. The night I found out I couldn't sleep, and I am often very sleep deprived so that says a lot. I know this post is super long and consists of endless rambling because I know this is the last message I would be sending to you as your raid leader. 

All things being equal I was ready to quit WOW about halfway through BRF (Twan is probably furious reading this if he made it this far) but the only reason I never got to that point was the people. The ever evolving group of people that are part of your life for 3-6 hours a week. I not only felt like it was my responsibility to continue to push and build but more so I wanted to.  I loved that we had built something that mattered, something that we were good at , most of the time, and something that we had fun with, most of the time. 

I have said before that the only reason that I still do this, still put in time and effort to maintain and grow our raid is for the People. This raid has given me so many friendships, some stronger than others, but still a place in my life that I will look back to and smile and enjoy. My biggest fear and the thing that makes this incredibly hard to do is that I know when this raid dies so will my connection with some of you. It shouldn’t, but reality says that it will as that is life. I hope in this I am wrong, we all know it wouldn't be the first time. 

When I look back after I stop sobbing like a child I am met with a sense of pride. Weather you were; a part of our group for 1 tier or 4 years, an officer or a bench reserve, or a close friend or someone who just showed up every week and executed your job as I asked, you should be proud as well. You were a part of something awesome. 4 years is an incredible amount of time and we accomplished a lot in and out of the game in that time. 

As I mentioned in raid today I am going to be keeping the Mumble and Discord servers up and running with a few weeks. I will revise the website to provide an outlet to reach out and touch base with your old crew. I want to stay in touch, you never know when another game comes along that we all might play. 

If you ever need anything, want to touch base, need a reference, need advice, want to play a game please do not hesitate to reach out, my contact info is below, and after what you have given me it is the least I can give you in return. 

I wanted to Thank All of you. You were all part of a time in my life that I will always look back to so fondly. I appreciate and know how much dedication, effort, and time it takes to be a part of something like this. People have been telling me that I should be proud of what I did and they know how much work and effort I had to dedicate to get this far. What they are failing to see is that the work and effort is on you all. I did it because I really loved doing this, for the people, not this game. You are the reason this worked, you are the reason this was so awesome. Thanks to all of you I will have something that I am going to remember and always love. If you get anything from this ridiculously long post please know that I fully appreciate, respect, and love you for it. 

Thank you all again. I wish you all the best of luck. 

Always remember to focus up, and count it. 


Roster History Here



iceboxzarnz (steam name)


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GBS Legion Kickoff Recap

by KarlShaLaMon, 522 days ago

A lot has happened since the last time since we last updated and the group has gone a long way. After coming back from our well deserved break GBS hit the ground running when legion dropped. At one point the raiding roster was over 40 people, all (most) of which were fully leveled and geared from working through World Quests and dungeons so that we can push EN.  As we worked to trim down the numbers to a more manageable number we started working though Emerald Nightmare. Currently we sit 5/7 Mythic with a really strong group of 32 raiders, some new and some old. We are well on track to clear Mythic EN before Nighthold drops.

I wanted to thank the raiding roster for getting us to where we are today. Our group continues to get better every week pushing Mythic content. It takes a very mature (irony) and quality group of raiders to work an active rotation while at the same time not missing a beat in progression week over week. GBS has had many rosters over the years ever since the Mythic system came out and the old core was forced to grow from a 10 man raid to a 20 man raid. With that being said this is the strongest overall roster we have had yet. Keep up the good work more good things to come down the road, I look forward to taking more kill screenshots that take me far too long to post on the website. 

Look for another update after we clear Mythic EN. Thanks!










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GBS Completes Mythic HFC!!!

by KarlShaLaMon, 661 days ago

GBS Completes Mythic HFC!!!

After Months of progression Gorefiend Best Server finally completed what it set out to do which is kill Mythic Archimonde and complete Mythic HFC. This xpac was a big challenge for this raid team from transitioning to the new raiding format and growing the team from a 10 man raid to a 20 man raid, to moving from an old guild to a new one there has been a lot of changes. I wanted to thank anyone and everyone who has been a part of or helped this past xpac. There is a ton of time, effort, and commitment that is required to achieve what we did and without everyone doing their part, large or small, it would have never been possible. I have said it before and it remains true: I have led many raid teams in my time in Wow and without question this group remains my favorite for so many reasons and I can only hope that we can keep going strong in the next chapter.

After we get the people who were sitting out for the first kill their Archi kill GBS will be taking a break from Wow to recharge and reset for Legion. If you are a current member of the raid then make sure to keep checking back on the website for updates on the plans we have going forward. If you are interested in raiding with GBS I will keep checking the website regularly for raiding applications that we will be taking for the next tier. Information and application instructions can be found on the site.

Lastly I wanted to honor our raid team by giving out my own version of the Dundies. For those of you who do not know the Dundies was a award ceremony the great Michael Scott hosted every year for his office. (Do yourself a favor and go watch the Office great show). It was his way of showing the people that he worked with that they meant more to him then just a bunch of employees that he worked with every day, they were his friends and his work family that he cared for very much, no matter how much they questioned his leadership and intelligence or lack there of. I think that everyone will agree that most of these awards if not all of them are completely warranted. Thanks again and enjoy!


TWSS - Carried Award - The raid was successful even when faced with the challenge of having their Blood DK raid lead frequently miss call fights, do way too low damage, and what is Death Strike again?

Rocco - AFK Award - I am about 70% confident that Twan was physically at his desk about half of our raid times, and %100 confident that he had Mumble muted globally the majority of the time. The previous loud mouth turned functional mute is still one of the most important cogs in the machine that makes our raid go. Imagine what he could do if he wasn't getting a beer, falling sleep, or stuffing his face with T-Bleezy for about half of the raid time that we have. I know this one is too long he already moved on to something else after the word "Physically", ill text him to come back.


Smawg - Birthday Suit Award - Valor upgrades??? Who needs them, not Smawg that’s for sure…I get it though running a lucrative ZJ business is a very demanding and time consuming task, not having the time of day to step foot into a Dungeon over the course of a year is completely understandable. Its not like you were playing Dota till your ears were bleeding from listening to Jiggs cry over the % chance you have to win 30 seconds into a game.

Lulzy - Flex Award - Until 3 years ago I was convinced that death was Justin Beiber playing wow and didn't want to give up his identity over the internet. We all know that to be about as far off from the truth as possible. This xpact Death was one of the healers that actually took my request seriously in asking them all to be ready and willing to swap to DPS on any given night(Shut up gnoob you need to do fire, Uncle You did this as well so thanks, Youheal you don't count. Dan and Nex can go to hell in this area). It is not an easy thing to do and in the end Death was a part of the Archi kill in his original role as a healer which is only fitting.

Gnoob - Super Shield Award - Little does Gnoob know that before him there were 3 other priests who were the Ying to Youheal's Yang. What Gnoob also doesn't know that he is the first one to shield himself hard enough to withstand information overload provided by Youheal when collaborating on fellow priest things. Grats Gnoob on being able to keep yourself up and heal through arguably the hardest raid mechanic this tier. There was signs of failure when you suggested that you should DPS and not heal Archi on the 2nd month of progression but you saw the light as I predicted and we are happy to move past that thought.

Youheal - Outside of the Box Award - I will give credit where credit is due, not many people think like Youheal, still not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. From G6 to off the wall variations of how to approach a fight Youheal's brain is truly unique and potentially one of a kind

Uncle - Pleasantly Surprised Award - When Pappy told me that he had a friend that wanted to raid with us I thought. "Great another flaky sub par player that will change classes weekly, need to be dragged to raid, constantly dead, talk way too much and too loudly, and that will never do research . Now looking at Uncle I am happy to say I was only partially wrong (key word partially). When Pappy left again I was fully expecting Uncle to disappear as well which i am happy that didn't happen. It is nice to have a reliable raider come from the ashes of Pappy's laundry that can get the job done well, unless he is trying to dodge Fel Rever's shit, or play ele Shaman.

Nex - Star-Laward - Being the second female of the group (we are not counting Dan in this case) Nex learned quickly how much of a troll cave this raid really was. Difference is Tiala leaned long ago to just not respond to the trolls when she gets triggered by it and just feeds them. I was a little surprised when she left PL, a guild run by her aunt, to raid with Ashes but now we all know why and that is kinda cool. Twan tried to find romance over the internet a few times the only difference is that it wasn't necessary legal so i am happy that someone can in this raid of social misfits. Hopefully next xpact she is willing to try something other then Resto Shaman (really stubborn about that), then again is it good for our group to have 4-5 Ankhs at our disposal as long as they don't insta cast it when they die.


Dawnfrost - Statistically Improbable Award - If you guys were wondering why Dawn does more damage then you then you just need to realize that while you were having fun and reading this post, Dawn was calculating the statistical correlation to number of Dominion/Catan games won to damage dealt on average in HFC. Early findings show the worse you are at over analyzing board games, the better you are at rolling your face across the keyboard.

Traff - Award - Try to make a pun or interject with a Traff joke off of that. 

Flabby - Community Service Award - Not only was Perk the financial support for ABT's gambling problem and Dan's lack of repair money but this PVPer would rather be mixing it up in Twin Peaks then being pealed off the bottom of Archi's hoof for 6 hours a week. We were so blessed to have Perk grace us with his presence. Remember to always switch to the Amber

Rabid - I want to be ABT when I grow up Award - Given after the older version of himself. At this rate Rabid will be chasing waifus and joining competitive gaming leagues just in time to stop playing that game in no time. As far as the listening, attention span, and uncanny ability to have random thoughts worth blurting over Mumble at the exact moment they hear my voice.... he is already there.

ABT - T** *P* F** th* fi**l *il* Award - I a* so p**U* of A*T co*g f**m n*ver pla**ng t**s **me *o do**g the **st da***e o** o* a*yo** on ou* f***t A**h*mo**e k**l. G**at *** A*T **ep u* t** g*** wo**…..Sorry its hard to get my message across some asshole keeps interrupting me.

Karcist - Tea Bag Award - One of my favorite moments of the guild Trip

***We are playing Dominion and Dawn is about to get up during his turn for the 46th time to "make sure the tea is being made properly….***

Karcist - "Don't worry about it keep playing I will go make it"

Dawn - "Uhhhhh ok, welllll are you sure?

Karcist - "Ya i got it"

Karl - "Why is the big deal its just tea how hard can it be"

Dawn - "Well I am afraid he is going to mess it up" .

Karl - "That is one of the dumbest things you have ever said"

Dawn - "No really you have to...(insert a bunch of bullshit about how tea is more complicated then putting a bag of tea into hot water and letting it sit)

Karcist - "I am pretty sure I know how to make tea"

Dawn - "We will see"

***10 minutes later Karcist brings over the tea pot and walks off to the bathroom, Dawn pours himself a cup of tea and drinks some.***

Karl - "So how did he do"

Dawn - "He did a really good job, actually made it better then I normally do"

Karl - "get rekt kid"

Karros - 6th Man of the year Award - Playing the role Karros does for our raid is one of the most frustrating and hard things to do in Wow, and it is also one of the most important requirements for a successful guild. Karros is always there to fill in when we need him and when I need to sub someone in for him he is out with no complaints and wishes us luck on his way out. Part of me feels the real reason he is around is to make sure his daughter is not treated with too much dis-respect (if the threshold was 0 we would have had plenty of issues already).

Tiala - Den Mother Award - The ring leader for the guild trip. Without her I am sure we would have been tenting with the bums in one of the various parks in the middle of Toronto. Thanks for putting that together and doing such a great job. Next time please pick some events that don't have as much heights involved please!

Alcor - Why are you still here Award - Truth be told for the first 2 months Alcor was in our raid I was fully convinced he was just going to drop off the face of the earth and transfer to a new server or stop playing all together ala Forco. That same fear entered my mind towards the end of Archi progression. I give him credit for sticking it out, him more then anyone could just have walked away and I wouldn't have any means of reaching out and annoying the living shit out of him until he came back. To this day he is the only member of our raid I do not have cell phone information for because "he lives in Brazil". I am not sure I believe that any longer, after confirming Death is not Bieber, I now Belieb that Alcor is.

Durdin - Needle in the haystack Award - In all of HFC we pugged Mythic ONE time through raid finder, that one time we found Durden. Crazy how those things work out. Good news for the raid (bad for him) is that we convinced him to server xfer before he realized what he was getting into.

Six - From Ashes to Best Award - One of the first people that I encountered when coming back to this game in Panda-land was Six. He had learned that my raid team was joining PL, a guild he had recently had a falling out with, and randomly whispered me and told me that I was making a big mistake and that I should join his raid instead. I told him I appreciate the advise but I would rather find out for myself. It is hard to say today if he was right or wrong because at the end of the day PL turned into my raid team and the PL he was talking about either got kicked or disappeared into the darkness. Over the course of 2 years we had multiple attempts to join forces all of which fell short until this Winter when GBS was created. Joining forces with Ashes was considered a risk by some on both sides and I can safely say today that it was a great thing that happened and I am glad we did it. The Ashes of Ashes of Gorefiend/Purple lotus make what is today Gorefiend Best server. Which is basically a group of raiders too stubborn to leave this shithole of a server group, kill bosses, and troll each other 2-3 times a week. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Tri - Euro Trip Award - Towards the end of this raid tier Tri felt the need to find himself by traveling all over Europe for 2 months going from country to country making memories and visiting all kinds of places. The irony here is this is coming from the person who avoids moving 1 yard in raid for a mechanic like the plague. In the end Tri came home and we are glad he is back right were he left off, in his circle of power.

Pie - Need to get my cat out of the oven Award - One of the most memorable moments of raiding this xpack "Guys there is a Tornado I need to go... ***Pie has gone offline***" It does highlight however why I love Sannald so much. With Tornado barreling down on his family and house he has the strength to keep pulling until a Tornado is knocking at his door.

Halven - If only I wasn't an Ele Shaman Award - Thanks to Halven our raid is more educated then any other group about the short comings of Ele Shamans in HFC, this is all under the assumption that he knows what he is talking about in the first place. Jury is still out on that.

Jimbawa - Soulstone Award - Much like in raid we had to res Jimbawa after he exited our raid's heath pool so he can go stack with Melee again. Glad to have him back and just like he is banned from ABT's gambling add-on he will be banned from the first mount drop in Legion.

Elmy - It is all about me Award - Now I know at this point Elmy has gone through and read all of the previous Awards and has said to himself, "This doesn't sound like me" or "I didn’t get carried???" (he probably didn't argue with ABT's award). Again Elmy its not all about you, except this award so grats for that. At the end of the day I give credit to Elmy for 3 things that were a big help this year. 1. Playing a Boomkin because I asked him to even though he hates it more then anything. 2. Consistently showing up to raid because we needed him when he was fully prepared to hang it up about 4 months ago. 3. Being the Author of our Guild name by constantly triggering fellow gamers in General Chat to the point that a Subreddit was created to talk shit about "Gorefiend Best Server" . RIP Tracer.

Honorable Mentions

Dookie - Too Nice for us Award - Lets be real Dookie was too much of a nice person to be a lasting member of our raid. Too nice to jab back at the endless trolling through mumble when he would mess up in a fight and too nice to tell fellow healers to go pound sand when they were giving unsolicited advice. When Dookie left to pursue life and not Train boss he wished us luck in our raid, gave the guild bank what appeared everything he had to his name including, but not limited to, gold, pots, flasks, food, ect. RIP Dookie I hope that you can come back one day and teach Dan what a real lawyer/healer looks like.

Dezar - I'm getting to old for this shit Award - Dezar and I worked hand in hand in the gathering of Purple Lotus and Ashes to what is now know today as Gorefiend Best Server. Thanks to him we were able to  get people to look past whatever preconceived issues people thought existed and get everyone to hate each other in the same raid as opposed through general chat. Even though his leave was abrupt and out of the blue we expect him back next expansion ready to go. I cannot wait to hear about all of the nice things Pepsi has done over the past 4 months.

Dontu - Anything you can do I can pay for better Award - I was going to award Dontu for changing mains more then any other player in our raid over this last xpack but then decided it was better to highlight his ability to whip out the check book to achieve life's goals. The banned thing will go to Hex.

Iwill - Botting Award - Hex was part of a ban wave that hit some of our oldest members hard. I mean who doesn’t need 18 fully leveled characters that have more herbs and ore then your heart desires. If you could bot the run from the graveyard to the entrance of the raid I am sure Hex would do it, who knows maybe he has. He claims to be completely off botting as he has learned his lesson, we will see. The good news for Hex is now that he is not botting any more at least he can now finally play the game and see what we all have been complaining about all of these years.

Pappy - Laundry Award - Pappy is about as flaky as them come when it comes to raid commitment, which may be why he is so obsessed with doing laundry all of the time. I know the chances of Pappy reading this award is about as high as the chances he was going to educate himself on a raid boss during progression I am not even sure if he knows we have a website even though it has been up for about 3 years now. With that being said Pappy does give us something that no one else can and that is the Baxter Beat Box. He claims to be coming back to the raid and if he does I want everyone to enjoy the experience as it will most defiantly be short lived but at the same time one of a kind.

Forco - Swap blaster Award -  Thanks to Forco they made an item in the game to negate the swap blaster and the side effect was that Youheal could not life grip people trying to execute raid mechanics mid fight. He was the defiition of troll and we all miss the Ginger that triggered Twan every raid. Happy Birthday Forco

Yaght - Employee of the Month Award - For those of you who don't know Yaght raided every week from his place of employment where he was a security guard. I know this leads to a ton of questions like, but not limited to, Was this why he struggled with raid mechanics? Is this why his mic sounded like hot garbage? What company would trust Yaght to guard anything? Was he really a security guard or was he just playing from his local Isis underground cell? We currently do not know the truth behind these questions but the good news is that he plans on being back so we can all ask him when we regroup. 

Thanks Again to Everyone for a great Xpac I will see you all in Legion!!!

-Twss (Karlshalamon)

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